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Quality Policy:

It is the mission of FQC FIRST QUALITY CERTIFICATION PRIVATE LTD to maintain its activities efficiently and based on integrity and ethics, without compromising on client satisfaction while performing its certification services in its segment, and by making a difference through its lasting values compared to its competitors. Based on this objective, it is our policy:

To conduct cost-effective inspections providing value added for organizations, in the interest of ensuring coherent and long-lasting client satisfaction at or above the levels that we are targeting;

To select our all personnel involved in our certification, training, and audit activities among qualified candidates, who have self-confidence and are open to development and committed to our ethics, and to provide continuous training for them in order to contribute to their industry-related and personal development;

To select the auditors and technical experts who will conduct our auditing activities from potential candidates with sufficient education, experience, and competence, as required by the ISO/IEC17020, ISO/IEC 17021-1, ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/TS 22003, ISO/IEC 27006, and ISO 50003 standards.

To perform our auditing activities based on up-to-date information, and by following statutory and regulatory requirements issued by the relevant organizations within the frame of the standards guiding our certification services;

To make the necessary assessments and to ensure that organizations make informed decisions so that all scientific, administrative, and regulatory efforts aimed at eliminating health risks arising from food products can be successful, and that organizations can take actions in a systematic way based on a broad perspective, and also maintain their activities with this awareness;

To conduct audits comprising the identification and classification of risks that may originate from foods and pose a threat to human health at any stage from production to consumption, in order to determine their potential harm and the level and extent to which they can be eliminated through various interventions, so that the relevant organizations can make informed decisions;

To ensure that information security management systems the organizations have established and are implemented can be audited based on the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability,

To provide services regarding inspection parameters, quantity, quality, safety, suitability for use, and continuous safety of facilities and systems being operated in a coherent and reliable manner, and hence to ensure that the general criteria that we apply are consistent with the European standard, so that our services are accepted by clients and authorities conducting inspections.




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